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sherry x. chou

i like setting things in lowercase

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branding identity of a fictional, outdoor gallery that displays the official lightsticks used by fans in the k-pop community to identify themselves with a specific group or solo artist. these lightsticks are commonly seen used at live performances or large fan gatherings. the collectible nature of k-pop merchandise is also highlighted with the inclusion of the exhibition-specific lightstick cards.

identity system
stationary design
motion graphic
package design

the logo is created from a modular dot pattern reminiscent of how the lightsticks look like when used in a crowd.

the colors depict a changing of time and a shift from day to night or from light to dark as these lightsticks can be viewed in either time of day. purple and orange are also colors commonly found in the palette of a sunset or sunrise.

ambroise was chosen because the serif nature of the typeface balanced out the rounded forms and edges used in the graphics for the rest of the assets. 

business cards

shape inspired by the collectible photocards commonly included in k-pop albums

collectible cards featuring the lightsticks on display in the gallery 
(inspired by the collectible photocards included in k-pop albums)


includes business letterhead & envelope

promotional elements

includes double-sided booklet with poster on back, envelope & Instagram video


includes keychain, card box & tote bag