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sherry x. chou

i like setting things in lowercase

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lemon leather

exhibited in the biomaterials in architecture and design symposium at cca: april 4, 2024

was selected to be one of cca’s representatives in the 2024 biodesign challenge
a biomaterial i created out of lemon waste and paper pulp. the main objective for the project was the creation and implementation of a self-made biomaterial in a way that would help create a closed loop waste stream in an industry. i decided to also undergo a personal branding project on the side to give my biomaterial more substance as a design object.

product design
identity system
package design

material application

a fully biodegradable apron optimized for fruit picking made out of lemon leather, cotton, and wood



text was printed using risograph. images were printed using inkjet. a secondary copy was made completely printed using laser.

branding system

the typeface used for the logo is proxima nova, a sans serif that “is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance.” i wanted to really emphasis the hybridness of this material (the fact that it’s a combination of three ingredients) so i chose a typeface with a similar background story. the “o” has been modified to fit the branding imagery.

the main branding color is a reflection of the lemon’s iconic yellow, set in two varieties of deeper shades for legibility.

business card


all tote bags will be made of 100% cotton and all shopping bags will be made of 100% paper so everything related to the brand will be completely biodegradable.

on display