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sherry x. chou

i like setting things in lowercase

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branding identity for a speculative project speaking on the scarcity of naturally-grown foods in a world ravaged by the effects of global warming.

identity system
package design

the speculative world

at the turn of the new century, 90% of earth is under water. due to overfishing and lack of land, land-grown food is only enjoyed by the wealthy, while most of humanity must survive off of lab-grown,
biomimicry food replacement blocks. what is missing from this daily activity is the variety, familiarity, and warmth of last century’s cuisine.

made from algae harvested straight from the ever-encroaching ocean, ALG is a powder that changes the blocks into a flavorful, nostalgic meal from decades past. at a fraction of the cost, consumers can now enjoy just the flavor of chicken with just a sprinkle of ALG. experience the luxury of land-grown food, available to all.

the typeface used for the logo is blenny , chosen for the curves of its letterforms that were reminiscent of waves. i modified the stem of the “L” to mimic the classic seaweed shape as a reflection of what this fictional brand sources its product from.

the main branding colors are a combination of the green found in real life algae and the blue inspired by the ocean. color of the logo can be changed depending on flavor and packaging color. the circles included in the logo are a reflection of another biproduct of algae, sea foam caused by algal bloom.

the secondary typeface selected for the brand is din 2014, chosen for its simple, clean lines and versatility.




a small booklet included with every bag of ALG that explains how to use the product properly.