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sherry x. chou

i like setting things in lowercase

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an online, interactive exhibition showcasing the endless possibilities of random generation through the lens of one of the most well-known table top games, dungeons & dragons. through the usage of randomly generated outcomes and images, users will get a chance to go on their own adventure, however long or short it may be. upon receiving their randomly generated outcome, the users can save it out as a pdf and then upload it to a google drive folder. the crowdsourced outcomes were then used to create 2 catalog books.


web exhibition

the typeface chosen for the exhibition is called “draconis,” which is loosely based on the logotype for the fifth edition of dungeons & dragons. custom buttons were also incorporated into the website for a fully immersive experience.

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outcomes catalog

the website was sent out to people who saved and uploaded all randomly generated outcomes. these outcomes were then randomly selected and printed. during the bookbinding process, all pages were scattered and picked up randomly to make each signature.